Amsterdam Pride or Amsterdam Gay Pride is a citywide gay-festival held annually at the center of Amsterdam during the first weekend of August. The festival attracts several hundred-thousand visitors each year and is one of the largest publicly held annual events in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam Pride was first organized in 1996, meant as a festival to celebrate freedom and diversity. It was therefore not like many other Gay Prides, which began as demonstrations for equal rights. The latter purpose served another event, which is called Pink Saturday (Dutch: Roze Zaterdag) since 1979 and is held in a different city each year since 1981.

Переведено с английского языка.-Amsterdam Pride или Amsterdam Gay Pride – это общегородской гей-фестиваль, который проводится ежегодно в центре Амстердама в первые выходные августа. Фестиваль привлекает несколько сотен тысяч посетителей каждый год и является одним из крупнейших публичных ежегодных мероприятий в Нидерландах.

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