A presentation from the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project Collection.

Tap dancing phalluses, coconut shell brassieres and a smuggled kielbasa join together for a program that revels in that elusive art of kitsch aesthetics known simply as “camp.” First fleshed out in Susan Sontag’s landmark 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp’” and further defined as a distinctly queer sensibility by Moe Meyer in The Politics and Poetics of Camp (2010), it’s that heightened, ironic atmosphere that unites all five of these short-form works from the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project collection. Each its own celebration of exaggerated gender performance replete with self-aware winks at their constructed realities, not a single work stops for even a microsecond to take itself too seriously. The program begins with four films made between 1984 and 1997 before looking back to the pre-Stonewall campsterpiece What Really Happened to Baby Jane (1963) from the Los Angeles-based underground filmmaking group the Gay Girls Riding Club.


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