Price: £77.99
(as of Oct 11,2021 21:36:35 UTC – Details)

Item Type: Memory Module 
Model: DDR4
Material: PCB
Memory Capacity: 8GB
Optional Memory Frequency and Corresponding Bandwidth: 2133Mhz(PC4-17000)、2400Mhz(PC4-19200)、2666Mhz(PC4-2666V)
Voltage: 1.2V
Pin Number: 288PIN
Compatibility: Full compatible (for Intel/AMD)
Applicable Computer: Laptop

Package List:
1 x Memory Module

Notes About Compatibility Cannot be Used: 
In the field of computer accessories, as long as you buy the right model and read the product description clearly, 99% of the motherboards can be used. Whether it’s graphics cards, motherboards or memory sticks, there will be 3% unknown factors causing incompatibility and other problems. The same brand is shipped in different batches, different chips, and different particle sizes, which may cause incompatibility problems. There may also be compatibility issues between memory and memory, and there may also be compatibility issues between motherboard and memory. What is the specific reason for the incompatibility. At present, there is no official correct statement. In short, compatibility does not mean quality problems.

【Powerful and stable performance】with highquality chips and highquality memory particles.
【smoothly running efficiency】Whether it is playing games or working, it can provide you with smoothly running efficiency.
【increases the memory capacity】This memory bar increases the memory capacity, improves the operating speed of the computer, and brings higher efficiency to your work and life.
【High temperature resistant high quality circuit module board】fast heat dissipation, corrosion and abrasion resistance.
【Small size】easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance.

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