June 24, 2021
11:30 AM

Denver Country Club
Denver, Colorado
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The Economic Club of Colorado

Tim Sheesley, Member and Chief Economist for Xcel Energy

Today Presents His Long Range Economic Forecast to Members & Guests at the Denver Country Club.

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Tim has been a member of Economic Club for longer than he can remember, and we are so lucky to have him among us. I first met Tim at a Signature Luncheon (must have been 2013). We became friends over our conversation of how the new Tesla Model S, and electric vehicles, would impact the grid. He would know as Xcel Energy, one of the largest public utilities, and headquartered in Minneapolis, serving 3.3 million people across 8 states, operates the electrical grid systems of Minnesota and Texas.

Outside of his day job, Tim is an avid individual kayaker who has cherished Colorado’s great rivers since his youth. He traces his family lineage in Colorado to the Territorial days. He cares about K-12 Education, Economic Literacy and Workforce Development in the Age of Automation — He cares about people and human capital development.

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By mike