“Beyond Gender”
( Documentary, 56 min, 2015, explicit role: producer, director, photographer, editor )
Video URL: https://youtu.be/HhPpFNwH-GM

Through interviews did I film the gender display, self-identification process, and social situation of three male-to-female transgender friends. Through sharing their experience, I express the discrimination and pressure they would encounter in the current society. Through their courage to be themselves, I want the audience see to the gender stereotype and multiple possibilities.

“Honey of Desire”
( Short film, 15 min, 2015, explicit role: art design )
Video URL: https://youtu.be/FdiE5NiSUuk

After the Japanese occupation, the sugar industry in Taiwan has undergone transformation and decline. We filmed in the old Qiaotou Sugar Factory in Kaohsiung. Through the erotic story of a newlywed couple and the sugar factory director, and other symbols and scene arrangements, we tried to show the historical metaphors and nightmares left by imperialism during the Japanese colonial era.

“The Secret of Her Smile “
( Public welfare short film , 9 min, 2014, explicit role: producer )
We filmed a story about a little girl who was taken care by a kind teacher and grown up in the Mustard Seed Mission. We hope that everyone can understand the Mustard Seed Mission ‘s help for the children and can help them together.

“Love River”
( Video installation exhibition, 5 min, 2010, explicit role: creator–director, photographer, editor)
Video URL: https://youtu.be/N7oo8txaX4E

The Love River was a gathering place for gays in Kaohsiung. In the official news found archives about this area, I interspersed the voices of interviews and video of the gay parade, combined with space installations and related document, to show this invisible historical manifestation and to rewrite the historical possibility of gender non-mainstream communities.

( Short film, 5 min, 2010, explicit role: actor )
Video URL: https://youtu.be/0v-iaYgTiXI
The advanced creatures use earth people as the research objects to explore the evolution of human desire over past years. I played the leading role who fell in love with a man. However, it turns out that all this is actually an entertainment to satisfy advanced creatures…The film is presented in a semi-documentary and semi-narrative way, showing the Imagination of desire.

“My Menstruation”
( Photography and video installation, 3 min, 2004, explicit role: creator–director, performer, editor)

By shooting videos and photographing pictures, I attempted to imagine my first menstruation and that image and performance have been turned into a presentation and identity.

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