Around 2004, Kerrie Le Gore and I were talking about the 15th anniversary of Le Gore’s Backyard which originally started in September 1989. We decided we would do a short run of new shows for a new millennium. Dis-ably assisted by Pussy Willow co-staring as Pussy Galore, the show ran over that Summer with all new backyards visited and resurrected old drag queens performing!

In the original run of Le Gores Backyard between 1989 and 1992 we visited the Porter Street Sauna. Now in the new century, Kerrie and Pussy visit another Porter Street landmark ‘coffee shop’ in 10 Plus. 10 Plus, Kerrie and Pussy are no longer with us, so it’s only fitting we have this memory to take us all back to that much loved period in gay history.

Please note, if dirty, filthy cross dressers and sex toys offend, make sure you watch closely!!!!

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By mike