A Performance by Sebastiano Sing, 2020 Trailer by Hekate Film Collective, 2020


Hot bodies.
Thrilling beats.
Sweaty nights.
Flirty needs.

Are you ready for Disco?

A well-known nightlife scenario – but Disco is much more: Disco – here short for “discordant couple” – also stands for a couple in which one partner is HIV positive, the other HIV negative. Especially on gay dating apps, one is often confronted with the question “Are you clean?”, which is supposed to give information about sexually transmitted diseases. Based on this discriminatory language act, “, Sebastiano Sing’s show DISCO DESIRES poses the question of what intimacy can look like between a “clean body” and an “unclean body”. Together with his partner Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand he creates a choreography that negotiates desires and sensualizes the stigma of HIV shaming.

Concept, Choreography, Set design
Sebastiano Sing
Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Sebastiano Sing
Choreographic collaboration
Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand
Evandro Pedroni
Performative Items Collaboration
Alma Luise Rothacker
Sara Lanner
Outside eye
Peter Kozek

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