Now includes Q&A beginning at 13:55 (if you’re using the web version, click to jump)

In 1982 Sigrid Nielsen and Bob Orr opened “Lavender Menace”, Edinburgh’s Lesbian and Gay Community Bookshop.

“Lavender Menace” and its successor “West & Wilde” were the first queer bookshops in Scotland and were open for fifteen years. Sigrid and Bob have now started Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive to focus attention on some of the remarkable books they sold to make sure their role in millions of queer people’s lives is never forgotten.

This video was made possible with the support of City of Edinburgh Council Libraries as part of LGBT History Month 2021, despite the challenges of lockdown.

As part of LGBT History Month Scotland, a live Q&A was held on 24th February 2021. This has been appended to the end of the short film, beginning at 13:55

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