Hey There! OMG it is so hot in here today! I probably should not have recorded in the middle of a heatwave, but I needed to express! Don’t mind me as I get my fan so I can stay a little cool with all my cooling devices off. So, let me get on with it. Today we are going to be chatting about a side topic that came up during our convo with Anonomus, about age, but we will talk about that later.
I have a crazy story to share with you, there is a stripper who is being sued by a man who claims he had a relationship with her. WTF?? Wait so you had a relationship with her and now you’re suing her??? Hold Up! That’s what dancers do! They get money from people! WTH so you mad she did her job well? I have respect for dancers I am one of the first females to hold down head DJ position at a gentlemen’s club and other type of adult venues as well. I say do what you gotta do, get that bag. It’s not bad for guys unless you’re going in the middle of the day and spending all your dough. If we can really sue exes for gifts and things you gave/bought them (unless it’s some real use and abuse shit) I want my damn time back. Lol
On to some serious news I saw China has announced that they will house humans on Mars. This is according to a recent announcement. The writer of the article says basically fat chance and that USA will get there first. The part that caught my eye is they have visualized a ladder of sorts to reach the planet. That made me think of the whole Jacobs ladder to heaven. I‘m not trying to get all religious or anything but how is it there are all these stories???? Why is there so much interest in living on another planet? Haven’t we messed this one up enough? OR… is it that scientists know this pole shift ish may be real, and they are finding another place to live? What if they are thinking they are going to take the desirables to another planet to restart humanity like in the movies. I keep thinking of the movie Rat Race and those movies from the 90’s.
In some dope news, they have created the first quantum sensor microscope, which makes me think of what I wrote in Manifest Beauty: The Beauty is Your Life about The Entanglement Theory from Albert Einstein. I give an exercise that you can do to show yourself this phenomenon. Now I do not in any way shape or form proclaim to know how it all works, but I do pick up on ish. I figure there is something to this field of potentiality and there are things we can do to work with this field of energy to help benefit our personal lives.
The point is science is understanding more and more that we are light matter. This announcement is coming from Arc Lab and EQUS Australian research Council and the US Air Force. In other words, keep talking about it Sonja. I just want to be clear that I am not a goody two shoes and I too am happy and surprised and blessed that I get to experience what I do. We all are tuning into this field of energy, and everyone can do this type of work. This microscope to me just shows proof. I share through stories so you can pick up on it happening in your life.
I had an editor for the second book, so I go way more into depth about what I am sharing. I by no means was ready to produce a book or so I thought, but I always waned to write a book to thank my grandma for coming to America, I suddenly felt the urge and the words just came thru, I hit publish and just in the nick of time my grandmama transitioned a few days after that. No, we didn’t have indication she had to go, but we knew she was tired. I did not think about my age or if it was too late, I just did it. It’s never to late to try and that is what I want to talk about. It is never too late for us to try and go for our dreams. Yo its hot in here, sorry if the fan is making noise in the mic it’s hot!! What really got me all t’ed off is this episode of Love and Hip hop where the only come back a girl yelling had was with your old ass, why you here grandma? WTF??? I mean what is the goal of life? Living long and happy right? Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. I came across some names of people who became wildly successful after the age of 40, wanna hear them? Here we go…Let’s get better in time.
Morgan Freeman, Regis, Betty White, KFC guy, Duncan Hines, McDonalds, Arnold Swercheneger, Octavia Spencer, Kim Catrall, Samuel Jackson, Wendy Williams, Steve Carell, Leslie Jones, Ty Burell etc etc etc.
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