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‘Sacrifice’ is a traditional love story told from an unseen viewpoint in the eyes of an LGBTQ couple James Hunter and Blake Robinson. Created and written by Leigh Smith, the film follows the two protagonists as they enter a new phase in their relationship. James, a humanitarian rights lawyer and Blake a military officer are continually torn apart by their
overwhelming sense of duty and struggle to lead a ‘normal and quiet life’. They love each other unconditionally but their sense of duty is equally as important to both them especially for Blake’s military background.

The film pays tribute to those in the military history of Australia
who were unrecognized in their service due to their sexuality prior to the fundamental mind shift in regulations.
The film also is directed by a powerful female director Anna Maguire who also brings a new viewpoint to women in film. Anna brought to this film an incredible sense of vision and understanding to the poignant issues outlined in the story of James and Blake.
The film was produced by the incredible 88 to 1 Productions and produced by EP Damien Giglietta and Producer Mary Anne Niceforo. The film was also created through the incredible efforts of Australian Industry Professionals who all came together in the belief of
the vision and essential story which needed to be told to audiences worldwide.
The film also features a beautiful original soundtrack which was created by Fusion Music’s Richard Steighner.
In telling this beautiful story the chemistry between the two leads was of paramount importance and this was found in the amazing talent of lead actors Leigh Smith and Jesse Everett who convey the unconditional love that these two characters have for each other.
Supporting talent also features the fantastic Anna Maguire in the role of Julia and Ernest
Arfan as Blake’s military personnel.

The film was shot in Melbourne, Australia at various locations.
The film continues to be sent out to the world through the film festival circuit and will be
screened at the illustrious Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival in Los
Angeles in January and the longest running short film night West Side Shorts in Melbourne
in March.
The film is supported by the Australian Film Fund Alliance (AFFA).
We would like to thank the overwhelming response that the film has had to this point and
of things yet to come.

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