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Closeted tells the story of a young man, Alex, who liked to play with dolls when he was little. His alcoholic father wouldn’t accept that, so when he was just a kid, he abused him and used to call him “faggot”. His past locks him in the closet throughout his adolescence and prevents him from being who he really is. After several years locked up and fighting to be free, Alex manages to break the chains and runs towards the person he loves, a boy named Hugo, who frees him from the chains of his hands.

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Pablo Ruiz on Instagram: @pxblx & @pabrush
Arnau Estadella on Instagram: @arnaaau16
Juan Zache on Instagram: @juanzache.jz

Director – Pablo Ruiz
Story By – Pablo Ruiz
Producer – Pablo Ruiz
Camera – Pablo Ruiz
Camera Assistant – Anna Vázquez
Editor – Pablo Ruiz

Alex – Arnau Estadella
Hugo – Pablo Ruiz
Father – Juan Zache

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