A headstrong, young violin player with extrasensory powers, has to save an emotionally unstable, isolated artist to be able to save herself.

Genre: Psychological Coming-Of-Age, Magical Realism Drama

Length: 80 min

Language: German/English


Identity/Self-Discovery/Coming- of- Age/Becoming -of-Self/Mother-Daughter Relationship Dynamics/The Power Of Rituals/Mental Illness/ Connection to Nature/Mental Power/The Meaning of Life/Karma/The thin line between imagination and reality/The healing power of music

“The Meaning Of A Ritual” explores how everything in life, everything in our universe is truly connected.

A fable about two women in the process of becoming themselves and moving on from the past.

This film will be shot with an all female cast.

Status: currently looking for a producer

Production planned for summer 2022

Screenwriter/Director: Natalie MacMahon

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