“Anxious strokes hit the page and redefine themselves, resulting in harmony.”  

When overwhelm builds up and takes over, there’s no option but to somehow take it out. Can our stress and anxieties actually be there to connect us to our source energy? When the brush hits the page, franticly and chaotically, it is the exert of our stream of consciousness. Once our mind is able to observe our feelings of overwhelm externally, then it can finally organise and put things into perspective, which allows for harmony.

In 3/4 media, I created a short film called ’86,400’. It’s about a superficial teenage girl who wins the lottery. But, here’s the kicker, she only has one day to spend it. If anyone knows how to spend money quickly, it’s Sienna. As she purchases layer upon layer of soulless depravity, Sienna bumps into a lost little boy who asks her to help him find his mum. Will Sienna let him interfere with her chance to buy the glamorous products of her dreams or will this little boy help her to see what she should truly value in life?

In exploring this idea, I became more interested about the concept of ‘coming of age’. This alluded me to explore further into content that teenagers alike consume today, for example, vlogging and short form content on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. (E.g. Creators: YT – Hannah Meloche, TikTok – @Kristensalty) Content on these types of platforms are better interpreted when they come off as natural. Using a phone can convey that raw, naturalistic style to the audience.

The inspiration for my film came from this exploration. I’ve filmed content on iPhone before and with the correct editing (LUTs, sound effects etc. sometimes it’s generally perceived better than when using a camera) – for teenagers, I found that using pastel colours still allows for that youthful feel without taking away from the maturity and lessons we come across. (I wouldn’t necessarily use colours that are too saturated unless it works with my storyline)

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By mike