These days, men would like to have bigger penis. This is for the reason that there are reports coming out that 7 out of 10 women would like to be satisfied when it comes to bed. There are also issues claiming that there are couples who choose to discontinue their relationship because the other one is not satisfied with what her partner had. These things mostly happen on men. So, if you would like to have a satisfying relationship, then start with your physical appearance holistically and start improving your penile size.

Well, you might be looking out for different ways on how you could improve your penis size. Actually, there are lots of those that you may find; however, not all of them could prove that they safe and effective. One good thing that there id a penis exercise that most of the men choose to apply and it is through wet milking. If you would like to start it off, keep in mind that it is still essential that you are using a reliable lubricant. Do not just use soap or shampoo, as it will only cause irritation into your penis. Do not also try to do the exercise when you are at full erection. Here are the steps on how you will start the wet milking exercise:

1. Warm yourself up- you should start by warming the area of your penis. You might want to use the hot wrap or start having a hot shower.

2. Apply lubricant- when you successfully warmed up your penile area, the next thing that you should do is to apply enough amount of lubricant all over your penis. With the wet milking exercise, you need to be lubricated all around. However, when it starts drying up, simply stop and add more of the lubricant. You can erect your penis partially, for only about 50 to 60%, but not more than it.

3. Take an “OK Sign”- for you to do this thing, simply take your left hand and place your thumb as well as forefinger together. Grip up the base of your penis, which is the opposite end of your head. Keep in mind that the palm of your hand must be facing away from your body.

4. Pull it up- the next step must be by pulling it gently away from your body. Slide your fingers all the way into the shaft up to the head. Try to do the same thing using your right hand.

5. Repeat- Keep repeating this motion into a rhythmic way. It would only be just like milking a cow and could be likened into one-way or reverse masturbation. You can repeat it for the time you desired and also for the amount of repetitions.

When doing this and you feel that you are having an erection, simply stop and ease yourself until it subsides. If you then feel like you are ejaculating, then you should stop and concentrate into controlling the urge. Keep in mind that you are out into enlarging your penile size than of pleasure.

Source by John Corkin

By mike