Men may not be as enthusiastic about jewelry as the fair sex but there are some items that they are partial to; hand rings, for instance. Unlike women, who loved to wear as many rings as they can carry, men generally wear only one ring. Which is the reason why it is important to choose them carefully.

In general, men’s rings may be made of gold, diamonds, platinum or silver. Wedding bands are generally made of gold and they are sober, with a quiet dignity befitting the beauty of the relationship it signifies.

However, there are other types of men’s rings.

Dress Rings: These are rings worn in the course of daily life. Some men prefer to wear rings containing birthstones while others prefer diamond rings.

Engagement rings: This is the finest reason for men to wear stunning diamond rings. Engagement rings are generally slim bands, not very ostentatious but striking in style and beautiful to look at. However, these rings are no longer worn after the wedding day.

Wedding rings: Although in the past, wedding rings were made of gold, these days many men prefer platinum and diamonds. White gold wedding rings and two-toned wedding rings are also common.

Bling: If you have the money, this is where you can splash it. Men’s diamond rings may be huge, studded with diamonds and placed on platinum or white gold. These diamond rings may have a single stone (less common) or may have many smaller diamonds aligning to form a pattern that is at once striking, attractive and highly eye-catching. Several stones are set in a band and arranges along the square pattern on the rings. Some men may even opt for diamond rings made of black diamonds. Black diamonds are rare and therefore, quite expensive. But they look striking when they are placed in the middle of white diamonds and embedded on a titanium base. This is one of the finest examples of striking men’s diamond rings. Titanium is very durable and hard, and is therefore the metal of choice for many men.

Some men like to wear diamond rings that have some religious symbolism, like a crucifix studded with diamonds.

When choosing men’s diamond rings, care must be taken to ensure the right fit. Rings should not be too tight or lose. Bigger diamonds are generally more expensive than smaller ones. While some men may like big rings, generally, subtle styles and understated rings are preferred because they are more practical when it comes to work or play. That said, there are many men who like to experiment with new styles to make a fashion statement uniquely their own.

Source by Marshall George

By mike