A precise guillotine paper trimmer offers a simple solution to cut paper in a fast, accurate, and high-quality fashion.

A multi-functional 10 – 18-inch manual paper cutter is designed to operate on general purpose cutting assignments, with its ability to cut up to 15-sheets of 20-pound paper per stroke.Featuring a self-sharpening steel blade, these cutters are also adapt at cutting cardboard, foamboard, construction paper, bond paper, tissue paper, photos, cardstock, lamination, and customized presentations into small or half-sizes.

A desktop or miniature edition of the guillotine trimmer, at 4 to 10-inches, is a practical option for those wishing to cut handcrafted paper, business cards, digital photographs, greeting cards, retail tags, and similar such smaller-sized or on the go projects.

A heavy-duty guillotine, with its solid wood, high-impact plastic or steel cutting surface and dependable pulling arm, offers a precise cutting action and long-term strength. An ultra-light paper cutter, more useful in mobile applications, offers a tough plastic construction for complete ease in transporting from one location to the next.

For complete ease in sizing paper, a wide cutting base comes with a ruler (in inches or dual scale) or alignment grid to guarantee multiple paper-sheets are cut straight and to size – size indicators often include A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6, B7, postcard, and photo-size.

Features common to a guillotine trimmer consist of rubber nonslip feet to avoid movement, a blade-latching hook, a spring-action cutting blade to prevent it falling, a side protective rail-guard, and a clamp-wheel to hold a stack in paper in position – stops paper moving for a clean, straight edge.  

In addition to the multi-use guillotines, a paper cutter more appropriate to heavy-duty assignments includes the stack paper cutter, with its ability slice up to 400 sheets (approx. 1.5-inches) in a single stroke – these are useful for such places as schools, offices, churches, print shops, etc.  

Whether it is precise slicing of cardboard, photos, paper crafts, office presentations, or paper for scrapbooking, an efficient guillotine cutter offers the ideal piece of equipment to cut paper to the desired dimensions.

Source by Sam Greenfield

By mike