Changing bodies

Perhaps it’s the assumption that celebrities are not human that makes it so fascinating to watch them grow with pregnancy. It gives us a sense that they are slightly normal when they go through the weight gain of pregnancy. We watch their faces swell up with their bodies – because not even celebrities can escape from the normal pregnancy weight gain and water retention. Their ankles will swell as ours did, and they won’t be allowed to dye their hair as we weren’t. Pregnancy itself is a naturally beautiful thing – but we watch to see how pregnancy will affect each celebrity physically.


Oh the fashion. We are obsessed with what celebrities are wearing, who they are wearing and how they wear it. When celebrities are pregnant – it is a whole new arena of fashion. We can’t wear what we wear without a baby bump – so we have to look at maternity styles. We look at the celebrities to see what to wear when we are pregnant too! Aside from maternity fashion, what do they wear on their feet when they are swollen and heavy? Do they dare wear heels?

After Pregnancy Weight Loss

Another reason we are obsessed with watching celebrity pregnancy is to see what they do after they have the baby. Let’s be honest – we want to know how long it will take them to lose the baby weight. If they lose it too fast, we balk (and assume plastic surgery), and if it takes them a while we see that they are human and feel like we can relate. In addition – they can’t escape normal “wear and tear” of the body due to pregnancy. They too will have stretch marks and loose skin (without surgery, of course).

Pregnancy, as a whole, makes celebrities more relatable – and in turn makes them feel less “larger than life”. It isn’t a bad thing – for celebrities to seem more human. It is something that I, for one, like to know.

Source by Brenna Ballard

By mike