This autobiographical video, in which the filmmaker reveals his homosexuality to his mother, explores the awkward situation of being ‘out’ to friends but closeted to family. Prompted by the deaths of his father and best friend, Salvo returns to his native Venezuela to ‘come out’ to his mother. In this intimate dialogue she discusses her preconceptions, fears and love, and he reveals childhood memories, adolescent thoughts and fears, and affirms his present loving relationship. Supplementing this story are interviews with other Latino lesbian and gay friends who offer further insights into family responsibilities, death and continuity, and the importance of honesty. Told in a montage of home movie-style scenes, an autobiographical account which conveys the fractured state of being out-to-friends/closeted-to-family.

The painful and powerful experience of “coming out” to my mother is the central theme of this project. In this personal video essay, I discover my mother’s preconceptions, fears and love as she confronts the different issues surrounding my sexual identity.
The twin deaths of my father and my best friend become relevant insights, as I uncover my own inexplicable fears, childhood memories, adolescence thoughts and the love of my life.
The presence of other Latino lesbian and gay friends complement my composition, creating a much wider and universal work about being “out.”

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By mike