Nowadays, leather bomber jackets for men are among the most remarkable and practical winter clothing for the general population. This trendy jacket is over ninety years old, however many civilians have no idea how the term bomber jacket was born.

This jacket’s origins can be traced to World War 1. At that time, the cockpits of the planes were not well-enclosed and leather was considered to be one of the most suitable materials available to protect the pilots against the cold environment.

Soon the fashion industry notice the popularity of this jacket and the designers come out with their own versions of this leather jacket. As time passes, plenty of Hollywood celebrities have also helped to glamorize this jacket. The first bomber jackets help a lot in shaping the design of most of the bomber jackets worn by civilians these days.

A few measures will be necessary to keep your jacket in pristine condition. If the jacket is new, you should apply water and stain protector in order to avoid serious damage to your bomber jacket. It will require cleaning with regular wear and it should be done once for every year. Then, prepare a mild soap solution and a damp cloth to wipe it. After that, use a sponge that soaked with clean water to rinse the solution. To get rid of excess water, use a towel to pat the jacket. Next, hang it in a well-ventilated spot to air-dry it. In order to prevent cracking and drying, apply a leather conditioner on it. You should use just enough to lightly coat the jacket. You can just spot clean the jacket with a mild soap solution and damp cloth for the rest of the year.

This jacket can be worn up or down depends on the style and design. Air Force pilots used to stitch patches on their jackets. These patches or identical ones can be bought separately or already sewn onto some jackets. A bomber jacket that comes with a belt will allow you to adjust the jacket to fit comfortably against the upper body if you engage in winter biking. For extra warmth, you can even put on a leather vest underneath your jacket. For hot summer season, a jacket with air vents will allows the circulation of air. If you prefer an all-year-round one, you can consider the jacket that has a zip or snap out insulated lining.

Source by Zinyee Lim

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