Well have you ever heard your friends raving about their sexual skills to you? Have you heard them say that they can please their woman beyond her imagination? And have you heard them say that their women have screamed so much out of pleasure that their neighbors came up to their home to complain? Well if you HAVE heard this before and have wondered how they were able to achieve this, then you are reading the right article because I am going to let out some female pleasure tips which will enable you to blow her mind off and she will be craving to you for more. For those of you’ll who haven’t heard that women can scream beyond imagination like that, then again you are reading the right article, because THEY SO DO SCREAM. I have achieved this pleasure of hearing my woman scream and so can you. And if you are a silent love maker, that let me tell you, chuck that thought! MAKE NOISE and see how FREE and MORE in LOVE you will feel. So once you read this and start acting as per the article, don’t hold me responsible for the noise levels of your bedroom reaching your neighbors! So lets start.

Now many couples I have spoken to or say have mingled with have a problem, they have silent sex. Now this is something like you are ashamed of what you are doing. Many of these couples will be even married. Why can’t they be proud of their love? But now there is another fact that men love VOCAL expression of love. Now a man gets to the heights of excitement when his woman screams, or expresses her pleasure to him. It makes him feel great and superior and this comes from experience. So let me place it in a better way. A man gets his sexual pleasures heightened when he hears his woman’s VOCAL ENTHUSIASM.

But many a times as I have mentioned before, couples want to or have to or JUST DO engage in silent love making. This makes a guy feel like he is making love to a start fish. Now lets a get better response in the bedroom than just a start fish. Mind you, when a woman lays down on bed and lets the man do his bit and does her bit, the man often starts to believe that she is BORED. But now if you sit back and think of it the way I do, why can’t you place yourself in her place? Think! What if she is actually BORED? So when you guys have a problem like this, when your woman is lying like that looking all bored and not as enthusiastic as you while having sex, then maybe she IS bored and its definitely NOT her fault that she is bored, it takes to two to clap.

Now from personal experience I can say that I love it when my woman screams and makes HELL lot of noise when engaged in sexual activity with me. I really really love the experience and the satisfaction and the pleasure I get from it all. Now lets all face it, unless she is faking it, I REALLY HAVE to be GREAT in bed to achieve this every single time we make love, unless we both decide a a silent and slow procession which at times is considered as romantic. Now some of you reading this must be really very experienced and might be thinking “oh come on this is BS, women are just shy so they are not going to scream no matter how hard they come.” Well I would like to show you the real world my friend because you are living in a make believe world if you are thinking so. But I will not even say that you are completely wrong. There DO exist girls who are the silent, but breathe hard and fast during an orgasm. They DO react but not in the way that excites you, the SCREAMS, they do feel equally turned on and excited as you, but they wont scream.

But a man who is great at bed can make any woman SCREAM in bed no matter how silent type she is. I refer myself to as a great guy on bed because just last night my woman told me that I get the wildness out of her. This is NOT something that you cannot do. This is not something GREAT that I do. So NOW you know that YOU CAN do it too to your woman. Now lets summarize the fact that a woman is lying there, breathing and reacting surely to you and your heat but not enough to get you over board excited. Now your work is to get her to SCREAM. Now you have to believe that she WANTS to scream, just she is HOLDING herself BACK. Now she might think that sexually and physically she is showing enough reactions to let you know that she is loving the experience with you, but the fact that she is holding back her screams say that she is not experiencing TOTAL orgasm. That is, she doesn’t know that she is CAPABLE of far MORE than what orgasm she is experiencing. In fact the truth can be that she may not be experiencing a true orgasm at all. Now this is sad when a woman thinks she’s having an orgasm but ACTUALLY IS NOT. Very sad. I have read about such women who actually think they are having an orgasm but actually they are just experiencing a hell lot of excitement and they are probably thinking to themselves that oh they are getting an orgasm. A female orgasm is no where as evident as a male ejaculation. So they live under the belief that they are having an orgasm, but truth is they aren’t. Maybe it never occurred to them that probably they are missing our on something, something bigger, something they are so capable of experiencing but have NOT experienced yet. This will be their belief until someone is going to get them to blow their minds of and they experience the TRUE orgasm. And then they will think to themselves, “oh so that’s what an orgasm feels like!

Now till this happens they don’t realize what they have been missing out all this time. Now coming to the major point. The difference between true orgasm and ‘thought to be’ orgasm is that these women didn’t really experience longer sex or some specific technique. It was just the magic of screaming! Yes you got me right, the screaming while making love with such women made them experience something they didn’t even know of. Now let that one sink in for a moment. You can say that it wasn’t SCREAMING DIRECTLY that was doing the magic. It was the act of letting themselves go just enough, and this allows them to relax and let it go and it was their release of inhibitions to make that noise that silently allowed them to release the inhibitions of experiencing full and complete orgasm like never before.

For a woman, a screaming orgasm is like a continuous, self-perpetuating process and is something like a feedback loop. Allowing them to make noise as they orgasm makes them come MUCH harder MUCH MUCH harder than they ever have and than they ever have imagined, which makes them scream harder, and which makes them come harder yet again. But unfortunately you cannot get a girl to have such an experience with you just by saying “okay, now I want you to scream and yell while we are having sex.” No, it doesn’t work that way. Now to really get her to let go, I mean COMPLETELY let go, you have to let her feel ENTIRELY comfortable with you. You have to let her feel comfortable in surrendering her body to you. This is a big deal if you didn’t know. This is the reason why sex is truly such an amazingly intimate experience for a woman or at least it can be. But they cant experience this by themselves either. They need an expert in loving so that they can completely surrender their bodies to control. This is a difficult thing for men to understand. Let me give you an example here. Have you ever been to some place with your friend, some place where it is VERY dangerous, and you know that you couldn’t have gone there alone, as you wouldn’t really have the guts to? It is something like that for a woman to completely surrender herself to you during sex, and that is why its SUCH a big deal for her, and it has to be for you to if you really love your woman. Now the example above is not exactly the same as letting a woman surrender herself completely to you, but it is enough to get you to know what it feels like. At least you have an idea now. Now a woman cannot go to this ‘dangerous’ place in sex herself. She feels scared, and she needs you to take her by the hand there. Oh this sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Now you should feel really proud if you actually do get the chance to take her by the hand and take her to places she has never been before. I hope you are understanding what I am saying here. I know it is very confusing, but you WILL surely understand. Its more of art than science this human anatomy and behavior.

As far as I know, the best way to get to know about this art is to learn complete sexual mastery, which are available to you online. In fact I have taken it myself, and I read a book, and heard audios of the sex expert before actually coming to write about it here. You can also do the same. Now coming back to the topic, let me warn you that such high rates of pleasure and intimacy can be very very scary for her. So you have to first do anything possible for you to put her to ease with the whole following process. MUSIC is a good way to start with. Its a simple tip, but it is very very useful. Those of you who don’t know what music can do, then there are two most important things Music does, which are:-

  • If you play it loud, then it might give her bit of a cover for the noise she can make, its easier to make noise in a loud room than in a silent one. It makes her more comfortable in making noise and experimenting with the noise levels without bothering about someone else in the house hearing.
  • Music affects our emotions. Especially it affects a woman’s emotions. And then its through her emotions that get turned on with music that she will eventually surrender herself to you with so much of trust.

Now if you didn’t know music was so powerful, then you ought to know such tiny things in sex which make SUCH A LOT of difference. Now you can have a genuine question here, you can ask, what sort of music should you play. Now certainly you cant play rock music to turn her emotions on, even though it will cover her noise making too well. But certainly rock is something that is not going to help you here. So if you are a rock fan and you read music helps a woman come harder and you play rock music while having sex, then that will be suicidal. We are presently working on her comfort, so you have to play what she LIKES, and what she thinks and feels is SEXY. Now once you have the right music playing then is the turn to add her voice to it. She might already be breathing heavy, or making little noises, whimpers, but what we have to get her to do is give her something to say. I am being very specific in this case because this is something that works great with me and my lady, that is taking the name. You have to ask her to take your name. Now this is not a 100% technique and it may not really work. Now see I’ll give you an example, my full name is Robb Edward Engel, now I don’t really fancy my lady calling me “oh Robb” while making love, but when she says “oh Eddy” or “Oh ed yeah”, it just is too hot and this excites both of us. So its for you to find out what you want her to say that will turn the two of you ON. But this is all because the idea is to get her vocal cords to play while she engages in love like never before, when she reaches the heights of excitement and when she is at the edge of having an orgasm. Now when you tell her to say your name, you will be shocked that if she really is all excited then she might just SCREAM it out. Now once she does that on her own, then that’s it you have shown her how good it feels to let the scream out when she is all too excited.

Shouting of name like this is an intimacy builder. It is a nice, bonding thing for her to associate you and the sound of your name coming out of her own mouth, to her most profound pleasure. The other reason is that it gets her out of her “self” and into thoughts of “you” which will help her to reach the point of surrender that I was talking about earlier. For a woman to reach the peak of her pleasure she will have to make it “YOUR DECISION” in her mind. She is not going to reach the peak with her own permission. So putting your name in sometimes does the trick. You have entered into her mind at a very crucial stage where she needs your permission to blow off her mind. But don’t force her to say your name, if she thinks its weird then let it be any sound that she wants to let out. But Name works well for many and it does in my case.

Now done with the sound, we are going to move further into an advanced territory. The one most valuable way to let her unleash her deepest desires and her banshee is by eliminating your own internal shyness. You cannot afford to show her you are shy. So start eradicating your sexual shyness with her. Look, I am not saying you are at fault, nobody is completely free of his/her own insecurities. Hence this is more difficult than it actually sounds. You will not be able to put off your shyness just in one go. Now a fact comes here that women have a very very strong intuition. They can sense when men feel uncomfortable even before men themselves know about it. Now lets be fair here, if you are asking your woman to be completely free of inhibitions and you yourself go into the bed with a bunch full of shyness or insecurities, then this is just asking for an awful lot. Just be careful because anything you do to tip her off as you yourself are not 100% comfortable doing it, will always act against you.

Now you may ask what might tip her off. Nervous laughter, anything funny or angry you say about her, frustration when something goes different than you expected, try to calm down. She shouldn’t be the receiver of all these emotions. But the biggest tip off is when you try to say or do something to make you look cool, then that is the biggest tip off for her. She will not take a minute to realize that you are insecure about her. Now how to change this about yourself. The biggest thing you can do to actually BE cool is be AUTHENTIC. There is another thing that you should do is express PASSION. Very few men have the capability of showing true passion and lose themselves in the act of love making. Those who are able to do that, win instant love and passion in return. You can fake thins kind of a thing but remember AUTHENTICITY is everything in love. Because by this at the end of the day what you end up doing is winning her sexual trust. When she sees that you are coming to her with absolutely no filters then her body will respond to you in ways you cant and never have imagined. What does it take to be authentic with a woman? GUTS. That’s your answer. You need to have guts to be truly authentic with your woman. If you follow a few simple steps from this sort of a book I have read, this shouldn’t be a tough task. It won’t be long before your till now shy woman is screaming her head off during sex.

Now let me warn you, some women love screaming “oh no please stop” “stop stop stop”, and this is actually good news. Its even better than screaming your name out. This is because it allows a woman to surrender complete permission to you. But (chuckles) it can also be bad. If she shouts ‘stop’ out so loudly, your neighbors might get concerned and call the cops. So that’s why calling out your name is safer. Even shouting “oh my god” is good and is very common. Also make sure that the REAL NO (that mean YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO STOP) has another code word because if she has been shouting “oh no stop stop” then you will not know if she actually wants you to STOP, also you need to be sure if she is consensual in the entire process.

Now this was all from me in this one. You can of course check out the audio book that can make a big difference in your sex life, you can get the audio book at Romance Rekindlers. Let me tell you, you just learned that making a woman engage in noisy love making is actually a good way to get her to orgasm the best that she ever has and also it can just be her first orgasm itself.

Thank You for reading…


Source by Robb Engel

By mike