Let’s face it P90X is a good program, but after you do it a couple of times it’s time to change the workouts up a little. Not that Tony is overly annoying, but come on, it has to get to you at least a little. Either way if, you want to lose weight and get a lean, muscular, body along with a new adventure, consider the RushFit Fitness Program.

RushFit is a term used to describe the fighting style of UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre who is known to get the job done, get it done fast, and in an entertaining fashion. This same type of style goes into the fitness program GSP developed along with one of his elite training coaches. The opponent, however, is excess fat, and you’ll be able to eliminate it thoroughly during the eight week program. After all, things in life come along and fat starts creeping in through all kinds of areas. Whether it is weight from stress, having kids, or stress from the kids, you always need to give yourself that one good work out to set yourself straight.

The Rushfit home workout routine is basically an eight week training camp. Since it is a mixed martial arts inspired workout, the concept of a training camp comes from the fact that before a big fight,Georges prepares by going into a training camp to train with some of the best fighters and coaches in the world. Now he wants the same experience for you inside your living room (except you don’t have to fight anyone, this article does not endorse physical violence in any way).

Each workout lasts around 45 minutes. You go in, sweat a lot, feel the burn, and bam, you get out feeling like a champ and a nice bubble of sweat on your clothes. The workouts are very cardio oriented so there’s no gym machines involved or anything like that. You do need a pair of light hand-weights though. You can get 3 to 15 pound weights for these workouts, more if you’re already strong, but even GSP stays 30 pounds or lighter. The reason is you will be doing a lot of repetitions, and you want to make sure you can finish the workout all the way to the end. The routines are also structured like an MMA fight, in 5 minute intervals (rounds) so that you can get that type of feeling while you do the workout.

You literally train aside a martial arts champion without leaving your house. However, make sure you have enough space for these workouts. You need perform moves that use up lots of space. You should have enough space so that you can lie down on the floor and make angel wings with your hands without bumping into any furniture or one of your kids.

Here are the workouts that are included in the Rushfit DVD set. Strength and Endurance Workouts to get strong, Explosive Power Training to challenge yourself, the Fight Conditioning Workout to give some attitude to your cardio, Abs and Core Conditioning to tone your midsection, and Full Body Strength and Conditioning to force your body to burn calories. There are also bonus workouts for balance and flexibility to keep your body fit and elastic so you’ll stay around longer.

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