« Intergenerational Storytime » by the West-End Intergenerational Network, Gay & Grey Montreal, Explorations, the English Montreal School Board, minibiblioPLUS

In honour of Quebec Intergenerational Week (May 23-29), seniors will be reading wonderful children’s books to students from EMSB. After each live reading, it will be followed by a fun educational workshop led by educators from Explorations. Members of Gay & Grey Montreal put together a short series of Intergenerational Storytime videos. Each video will be accompanied with educational materials provided by Explorations Learning to help animators run workshops for children.

Explorations Learning : https://explorationslearning.com/
Gay & Grey Montreal : https://gayandgreymontreal.com/
WIN Montreal : https://winmontreal.org/
minibiblioPLUS : https://minibiblioplus.org/index.php/en/

Thank you to the Sud-Ouest Recording Service for the beautiful studio space.

Special thanks to Khaos Labs.

Des ainés liront de merveilleux livres pour enfants aux élèves de la CSEM. Chaque lecture en direct sera suivie par un atelier éducatif amusant mené par les éducateurs d’Explorations (en anglais).

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