Overall fitness, or what some call ‘health’, is dependent on the smooth operation of the Lymphatic System. Without this flow, we definitely wouldn’t have waste products coming out of our body. The lymphatic system operates much like a sewer system, and this system is more important than even the circulatory system of the body.

Many people are too concerned about what they put in their bodies-they worry if it is good for them or not. They are not even thinking about removing or flushing out the waste products, especially the cellular waste products and the dead cells.

Waste products are not just what are in the colon. The waste products in the colon are not as vital to remove as the waste products in the cells. There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the body that give off waste products. They also die inside the body. All this has to be pushed into the lymphatic system and flushed out of the body, otherwise waste is just going to stay and create infection. And when that infection is there long enough, it would create an infestation: viruses, bacteria, yeasts and/or fungi—the kind of infestation/infection that people don’t know what to do about.

Infestation or infections means that those pathogens have become very aggressive-parasitic even. Microscopic parasites would accumulate, and when there are microscopic parasites, they are more inclined to attract larger parasites-even to the point where they might be visual to the naked eye so that everybody freaks out. Parasitic!

To prevent this whole negative process from happening, anything and everything that has to do with the Lymphatic needs to be strengthened. We definitely want to make sure that the lymph nodes would be strong and the lymph fluid would be strong, and that the channels are open and stay open to the lymph ducts and the lymph center. The connections to the kidney, liver, large intestine and urinary/bladder must also be strong, so that the waste products can come out the natural way. We don’t want our waste products coming out through the mouth, the skin or sweat glands.

So this is more of a complete picture of what’s taking place inside the body and should pretty much be taken into consideration when anyone is looking for the weakness or cause of a physical reaction.

How do you look for the exact cause? Your intuition is the only way that gives you the correct answer. Logical thinking only gives you too many answers or more questions with no answers.

When you use your intuition to pinpoint weaknesses, you do not have to be compensating for the unknown, or the incomplete way of dealing with your body. For example, you would not have to depend on the incomplete information from blood tests or MRIs. You would access the information you need to deal with your body in a more complete manner.

Intuition gives you the complete picture, which is exactly what everyone needs. Since we have high tech equipment, we should want to know what there is to know about every part of it-and not just know a few things about a few parts.

Source by Dr Kam Yuen

By mike