Society will have you believe that there’s only cons when it comes to having small breasts. There are plenty of pros as well as some cons to having smaller breasts. Clothes might fit better because they’re designed and sewn for average sized chests. You won’t experience back pain from having to lug around over-sized breasts. Your bras will fit better and you’ll have more of a selection online and in stores.

Some guys prefer small breasts so there’s no reason for you not to like them. Many women think that if their breasts aren’t a specific size they won’t be able to be attractive to the opposite sex. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Men have such varying tastes that there’s not one specific body form that every man finds appealing. Some men don’t like large breasts at all and think that anything more than a handful is too much. This is why breast reduction surgery is relatively common with women with very large breasts.

If you have small breasts on a petite frame you would look strange with large breasts. The biggest thing to keep in mind is being proportionate. If everything looks like it goes together on your body then you’ll have a very natural look and won’t have to worry about being attractive to men, or getting any kind of work done. Don’t fall into the trap of the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s about being happy and comfortable with the size you have and not paying much attention to what others have, or wishing for things that others have because you feel they’ve got it better.

Some guys prefer large breasts so this is a potentially negative side to having small breasts. Mainstream theory is that the bigger the breasts the better, but it’s mostly a confidence thing. Don’t let your small breasts bug you unless they just don’t fit your body frame. If your breasts are smaller than the rest of your body you might feel self-conscious and you might have a valid reason for wanting bigger breasts than you have. This is not the case for most women, so be happy with what you have.

Truly, the only cons to having small breasts are fabricated by the media, and ingrained in your own mind. The onslaught arrives daily in music videos, magazines, movies, tabloids, Hollywood celebrities, and more. There’s so much hype and hoopla to having large breasts that it institutionally creates a feeling that these are the only things worth striving for. There’s absolutely no drawbacks to having a smaller chest, and any woman who rocks what she’s got with confidence will turn heads, regardless of the size

Source by Nic Lino

By mike