Are there any cufflinks available for women? Or better yet, are women allowed to wear cufflinks? Will cufflinks look good on women? This has some of the question that plague the fashion industry.

Cufflinks are accessories that have been especially designed for men. Often, when we hear the word cufflinks, we immediately think of smartly dressed men, elegant and sophisticated in their suits or tux. We are so used to the idea that only men can wear cufflinks. However, the recent trends in the world of fashion have allowed women to wear men’s clothes and even accessories.

Yes, you read it right. Women and ladies can wear cufflinks and they can look cool in them too. Women also wear corporate attires and since they do, their formal clothes can be perfectly matched with cufflinks so that they can look more sophisticated and professional. Ladies can be smartly dressed as men-without sacrificing their femininity-and they can also be tagged as sophisticated and elegant with them as well. Of course, cufflinks can also be worn with a matching brooch, a necklace, or pendant to complete the overall feminine look.

One of the many reasons that would hinder both men and women into wearing cufflinks is the design of their shirt. All too often, men and women’s shirts and blouses have buttons on the cuff and very few have button holes for cufflinks to fit in. Specially designed shirts for cufflinks are known as French cuffs or double cuffs. Here, the cuffs of the shirt are folded back and fastened with a cufflink. If you really want to give cufflinks a try, then this should be your first corporate shirt.

Since women are allowed to wear cufflinks, there have been a lot of cufflink designs that are exclusively for women. Women does not have to endure wearing cufflinks with naked girls or beer mugs as designs because there are cufflinks designed as stiletto heels, strawberries, hearts and butterflies. If you try to search online and “offline” stores, you will find a whole new range of cufflink designs that will definitely suit any lady or girl. While there are cufflinks that are unisex-can be worn by both men and women-it would still be best to wear cufflinks designed for women, if you are a lady who wants to wear one.

There is no limit as to the design of cufflinks that you can find for ladies. You can be as feminine as you want and rest assured that there are always cufflinks that will fit your style and taste. Just like cufflinks for men, there are cufflinks that are encrusted with real or fake jewels, while there are those that are studded with diamonds-a woman’s best friend.

You can wear cufflinks in the office or with a business suit. You can look amazing with cufflinks even during your night outs. You can look casually smart and classy with cufflinks so never underestimate what they can do with your overall appearance.

Source by John Lavoie

By mike