As an affiliate marketer there is just one goal, to make as much money out of your affiliate campaigns as possible right? But hey, how come there are so many testimonials about folks making 5 figures in a week from a single product launch, and you seem to be making less than a $100 a week with the campaign’s you promote?

Well let me let you into a little known secret, these “super affiliates” are using a tactic called ‘Launch Jacking’ It’s a fairly new tactic that gets these forward think affiliates ahead of the buying crowd of a new launch long before you are even aware that the launch is taking place.

An affiliate who practices this new technique will have their affiliate review site built optimized and on the front page of Google long before the launch day of the product or service.

How do you know what launches are coming up?

Well that’s a really easy answer – In your Google search box type in JV+launch. JV = Joint Venture ( as in ‘to become an affiliate’) and adding the + tells Google that you are looking for a launch. The list of results that Google will give you are websites that are advertising launches that are upcoming where you can become a JV partner.

The key to launch jacking is in optimising your websites with simple SEO on page techniques, coupled with what you are probably already doing, like article and social marketing. These methods will give you the much wanted link juice to catapult your site to the top of the SERP’s for your chosen keywords.

Launch Jacking isn’t limited to just internet marketing products, you can use the method in any niche. If there is a new television coming out or a brand of perfume that is going to be popular, in fact anything that you can become an affiliate for is open for launch jacking as long as you can pinpoint the date of the launch. I say that because it’s best practice to start to promote the launch at least 4 weeks before it takes place.

Find out more about launch jacking and exactly how you can become successful in your own ‘jacks’. And before you ask… NO you don’t have to be a marketing expert to jack a launch it’s a very newbie friendly tactic. Most affiliates that practice launch jacking on their websites only have a few posts on their blogs. The point is to master the on-page search engine optimization and get some good back links.

Source by Anthony Balthazar

By mike