Eid is a special occasion when the whole Islam community comes together and embraces each other with vows of brotherhood, forgiveness and charity. In fact, charity is one of the key features of any Eid celebration. It is not only about being happy and contented in one’s own life but to make others happy and fulfill the wants of the needy. Adding a similar note to the current build up to Eid, thousands of underprivileged families in the United Arab Emirates are being given money as well as new clothes to help them celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr with the same zest and enthusiasm as others. This initiative is part of The Red Crescent Authority’s mission to distribute 1.5 million Arab Emirates Dirham worth of Eid clothing, a programme launched by the Human Appeal International in the Gulf region.

The day of the Eid marks the end of Ramadan and ushers in limitless joy spreading its happy fragrance all around. Eid celebrations are simply spectacular. It is a time for food and gifts to be exchanged and distributed to people known and unknown, just to keep up with the festive tune of charity and good gesture. However, what adds glamour to Eid is obviously the gorgeous Eid clothing. This is the time of the year when every garment store specializing in Eid merchandise overflows with teeming customers. Even the online Eid clothing websites runs out of stock if garments are not booked well in advance.

There are certain traditional outfits which are customary for Eid. However, when it comes to Eid clothing, men’s fashion is comparatively bland; the choice and range extends far more for the ladies and children. In Eid clothing there is no such archetypal saying as to ‘going overboard’. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors with all sorts of glittering embellishments adorning the garment.

The chief Eid clothing for women includes special kameez, salwar, churidar, lehenga choli, long choli lehenga as well as ornate hijabs, satin or silk burqas and special designer abayas with matching jewelry. The list is quite exhaustive as it includes sterling silver jewelry, crystal and gold ornaments to impart a stylish look to women.

Source by Melville Jackson

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