Is your man one of today’s increasing number of modish men who are placing a greater emphasis on their underwear draw, demanding a greater choice of styles and fabrics and designer brand names. Well, don’t be surprised because men of all ages are becoming more fickle when it comes to what they were under their pants and are keen to ensure they are sporting the latest trends.

Men are now more discerning than ever when it comes to their underwear and the days when they would leave it to their mum or wife to buy their pants are slowly disappearing. They are now taking charge of buying their underwear and know exactly what they want.

Whether you are man who prefers the chic stylish clean cut designer brief, sleek avant garde fitted trunk or sporty athletic support thong for an active life, there is a lot to choose from.

This year sees strong colours and retro styles taking to the catwalk, with fitted boxer briefs and trunks seeming a popular choice. These typically have soft and stylishly embroidered waist bands advertising designer names in bright clean colours, with pink, yellow and bright blue fabrics centre stage.

Trunks are being styled to fit lower on the hip and are much shorter in the leg, with well cut pouches to offer support and control and waist bands are designed to be seen, with designer names featuring on them.

Whilst designer men’s trunks are favoured by most men, designer men’s thongs are just as popular as men increasingly recognise the value and qualities these have for offering the best support for an active life style. These are being styled with the active man clearly in mind and made for maximum support from technical anti bacterial fabrics that maintains maximum coolness and wicks sweat away from the skin.

The demands of the contemporary man are forcing underwear designers to offer greater choice of styles, fabrics and colours that are revolutionizing men’s underwear fashion on the catwalk, high street and internet. Designer men’s underwear seems as though it is not just kept for that special occasion, but is being worn as an everyday wear and research indicating that many men will regularly spend up to £20 per pair on designer brand names to be worn every day.

Source by James Keightley

By mike