If you’ve landed in Tokyo you’ve probably felt the vibe of various karaoke and night clubs in the city. If you plan on going clubbing, it’s possible that you may be looking for some inexpensive formal dresses to strut the fashion driven metropolis. Don’t fret, there are a wide range of affordable dresses to choose from that will fit any evening event.

Certain establishments in Tokyo have dress codes in which case purchasing an inexpensive yet formal dress is highly recommended. Check out famous bars in Tokyo where you could party all-night and rock that inexpensive formal dress:

Bar Bourbon Street at the Roponggi area is a New Orleans style bar, complete with the annual celebration of the Mardi Gras parade. It is a cozy bar that makes you feel as if you’re just sitting at home drinking wine and eating bourbons. Music vary from jazz and blues.

Lexington Queen also at Roponggi area has been in business for over twenty five years already, and it definitely knows how to please its avid customers. It is just small and a little bit old-fashioned but the music there is enough to keep the customers coming and dancing the night away. The club is also known for their sushi delicacies.

Club Dragon is a gay club that is housed in a basement in Tokyo. Muscular men wearing skinny jeans, leather belts roam freely in this famed club. All-male videos are played the whole night and music ranges from techno to Europop, to house and local Japanese pop.

Arty Farty is another famous gay bar in the Shinjuku area but everyone in the community is welcomed there. No matter what day you go to Arty, there is surer to be a fun crowd there. On most nights, you don’t even need to pay an entrance fee; you just need to buy some drinks.

Womb in Shibuya is one of the most popular clubs in Tokyo and has been open for business since 2000. They have some of the greatest DJs in Tokyo, and are open to both international and local talents. The entrance fee is more expensive than most clubs in the area, but you are sure to get a fun experience out of it.

Club Asia is a leader of the Shibuya night life. It is an exotic place with a wide range of beats as well that keeps the crowd going every night of the week.

Source by Alexandra Richards

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