Have you ever wanted to kiss a guy after a fight? Are you afraid that he might get angrier if you do so? Do you want to do something to break the walls separating the both of you? Well you are thinking of the right remedy.

Having a fight with your guy is rather stressful. It brings so much tension on both sides and if not settled right away, it might lead to a breakup. If no one will ever step out of it and recognize their mistakes then there will be no way that your relationship will last long. One way to suppress the fire of the situation is to kiss a guy. There are 4 simple steps to kiss him without being annoying.


If the fault is really not yours to admit, might as well cut it off. It doesn’t mean that you have to eat up your pride or tolerate his ways, you just have to be still and avoid having longer discussions. Just calm down the situation for a moment. Silence doesn’t mean that you acknowledge defeat, it’s just that you don’t want to make everything a big deal. However, issue of a third party is out of the question. It is much of a bigger problem that needs serious conversations.

Look him directly in the eyes.

The eye is a good speaker. Though it doesn’t speak real words, it always tells a story. The eyes define the compassion we have within ourselves. And it may seem like a way to say “I don’t want this to continue anymore”. Look at him with such devotion and your eyes will do the move. How to kiss a guy starts with the intensity of your look. You don’t have to worry because the rest will follow.

Touch him.

You never have to worry that he might throw your hand away or do something you are afraid of if you’ve done the previous step. If he already understood what your eyes show, then touching him would probably ease him own. Touch him on his hands, then up to his face. Before you kiss a guy, make sure that his face is focused on yours. Make an eye contact for about a minute and you will surely win him over again. After tons of shouting and yelling, you can now get the response you’ve been wanting.

Kiss him.

Now you may kiss a guy. The kiss doesn’t have to be the intimate one. Start with a smack. Then pull back. Look at his face and wait for his reaction. If he seems to be pleased, smile a little. Hold back and just keep staring. If you see him looking at your lips, this is the ultimate sign that he wants it again. And if he wants it again, he will definitely be the one kiss you. So just wait for it. Men are impatient. If you give in, there will be no excitement at all. just wait for him to grab and kiss you, and the rest of the action will follow.

Source by Tina L. Jones

By mike