There are many theories as to what makes hair grow and what leads to hair related problems. If one has dandruff condition, they will find white flakey substance on their hair or even on their clothes which is not a pleasant sight to see. They will feel very conscious of this and not wear dark colors hoping to camouflage the dandruff. This is not a long term solution, however if they were to consult a dermatologist, they would be recommended a shampoo or some medicine that would help curb this issue. When scalp becomes dry, it causes the dead cells to rise and that is what is called dandruff, and this is a problem faced by a vast majority of people around the world. There are many shampoos and other related hair products available which promise to remove this condition, but they are all unsuccessful. The user might find their hair to be dandruff free for maybe two days after the shower, but it will soon resume. Therefore it is important to find out the reason for the same and attack it at the roots.

If a person works at a job that keeps them busy and within closed doors for hours together, they don’t get any fresh air. And their body temperature will also be higher than normal, all this adds to tension and hair gets stressed out. This in turn will lead to any kind of ailments, for some they would catch a cold or throat infection, whereas others might witness hair loss, or other infections. Different body compositions react differently when subjected to difficult situations. To deal with these and to ensure they don’t get too serious, the person needs to take it easy or take up an activity that will help relax them. The hair products will help them keep the condition in control but will not completely remove it.

For some, this severe condition or even Alopecia could linger for a while, but will go away with time. But owing to their busy lifestyle, they need to take up a relaxation technique to create balance in their lives. If a person uses coconut oil and massages it into their hair at night, and washes it off with a mild Green apple shampoo next morning, it will soothe the hair, and keep it calm and happy for a couple of days. Or one can choose a hair product that contains natural vitamins and minerals that they don’t get from food they consume. If they eat out everyday or eat junk food, they might be losing out on essential elements which would also affect their hair’s health. As they say, every action has a reaction, and here if one does not take care of their body; it takes a toll on their health and hair condition

It is therefore better to use creams and lotions that are filled with all that we need to keep our system up and running, it would have a positive influence on our lives. Another hair product that is said to work are eggs and egg based shampoos as they provide our hair with proteins to protect the nutrients and give it luster.

Stress, and tension are two main reasons for our hair to lose its strength and shine, therefore you need to assess your hair condition and your lifestyle to create a change.

Source by Andrew Stratton

By mike