Out Loud


Aug 29, 2021

Ten LGBTQ+ youth express themselves in a video directed by Cheri Gaulke.

1995, 18:36 minutes

In the summer of 1995, media artist Cheri Gaulke worked with ten lesbian and gay youth (15-23 years old), to create nine short works in video that express their lives and concerns. Together they became Out Loud – deeply personal looks at issues as disparate as coming out, suicide, passion, marriage, computer networking, lesbian bashing, public spectacle, and becoming president. This project addresses the lack of images of lesbian and gay youth in the culture-at-large. It was created at a time of isolation – before the internet existed and when images of queer youth in popular media were next to none. Yet, the issues it represents are as current today as they were 26 years ago.

Out Loud includes:
Square Peg by Tony Gallegos
Bakla Brat by Juno Salazar Parreña
Modem Boy by Leroy Vaughn
A Lavender Tinted World by Rhiannon Pollock
Mirror Gate by Gabriel Baltazar
Forest Lawn Wedding by Alida Bailey and Nikki Mazerant
Polluted Waters by Stephen Motika
Hands by Sarah Rodriguez
American Dream by Adam Sofen

Directed by Cheri Gaulke
Editor Joseph Leonardi
Original music Miriam Cutler,
Post-production LBMA Video, Long Beach Museum of Art.

Made possible by grants from the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles and the Brody Arts Fund.

Available from Frameline Distribution

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