This book is something different, I just need to say that first. This is not comfortable reading at all. This is the true story of the horror inside Auschwitz concentration camp during second world war. What is told in the book is not human at all, it’s just the terrible truth written down by Dr Mengele’s assistant Miklos Nyiszli.

In 1946, right after the war was ended the book was written and published. I do believe that it’s a great thing the book was written in the first place, even if it’s an extreme story. Sometimes when reading this book I had a wish that this was fiction and not even close to the truth. This book is the raw uncovered story about one jewish doctors life inside the concentration camp.

The story

It all starts in May 1944 when doctor and pathologist Miklos Nyiszli together with his wife and daughter is sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. He tells the tory about how he came to the camp and how he was pointed out to be Josef Mengele’s assistant in the camp. He tells the inside story about how he was picked, about what kind of job he did and how he did it. He gives us the accurate truth about how they killed for science.

We get the raw story with no hype or fiction involved, just the brutal truth about the life as a prisoner inside the camp.

The doctor writes about how he got separated from his loved ones. He tells stories of the darkest secrets inside the camp, and about the kind of industrial mass murders that was committed in the camp. He writes about the fear and the impressions of what surrounded him.

Doctor Nyiszli was a lucky man to get the job he did. He had better clothes than the rest in the camp and he had great food compared to what the regular prisoners got. The huge problem with his situation was that all the people in his position only worked for 3 months before they were killed.

Miklos Nyiszli made it all the way to the war ended and in 1947 he witnessed against the Germans in the Nurnberg process.

For everyone who is interested in what happened in the concentration camps during the second world war this is a book you must read. As I mentioned before it’s not comfortable reading, but it’s the dark and raw truth. I will recommend this book to absolutely everyone.

Source by Knut Ofstbo

By mike