The selection for men’s suits are endless varying from a man’s lifestyle, budget, body type, type of occasion and most importantly, the preference of the wearer in order to look charming and handsome.

Men’s tuxedos are the best choice as formal wear in evening events and social functions such as weddings and basically any formal or semi-formal gathering. These are prominent wear for such occasions because it gives off much elegance and masculinity to the wearer.

Having the right knowledge about tuxedos is the best way to look great in this formal wear. The garment is found in different style and keeps on changing constantly: 2 button mens tuxedo, 3 button mens tuxedo, 4 button tuxedo are some of the designs that come with this men suit. Major thing to do when choosing the right tux is through its button. Single breasted tuxedos are best for men with slim and tall physique and better if a single-breasted tuxedo with three or four buttons is chosen. For a build which is heavier, prefer to look better in a single-breasted tuxedo with one or two buttons. On the other hand, double breasted suits will look great with stout men though these will look great on any body shape. Each button style is then coordinated with the appropriate style. Take for example; buying a four button tuxedo with broad low hanging lapels would be meaningless as the neckline would not fit well with the lapels.

Further, normally, black tuxedos are the best choice because of its elegance and style. But other colors for this suit type are also perfect for formal occasions especially its counterpart, the white tuxedos which connote regality and simplicity in style.

In addition, tuxedos or other mens suits are best when it is custom made though quite expensive. It will surely look great since the measurement would fit well the body of the wearer. Also, accessories to be worn together with the tuxedo must be taken into consideration as well. Shoes, socks or belt must complement the color of the tuxedo so as to achieve the right and stunning look.

Source by Kristin Willis

By mike