Jolted by the sudden loss of her voice and her entire world unraveling, Livia struggles to keep her head above water in New York City while searching to rediscover her inner voice.


Director – Joel Dunn
Writer – Molly Fisher
Producer – Joel Dunn, Emily Fortunato
Co-Producers – Ryan Lakestream, Matthew Novak

Cinematographer – Matthew Novak

Composer – Siddhartha Barnhoorn

Associate Producers – Craig Roth, Steve D’Elia

Livia – Emily Fortunato
Boss – Alex Crow Reimers
Fuzzy – Val Kelly
Uncle Larry the Dentist – Greg Rusin
Roommate – Sparkman Clark
Michelle – Samantha Turret
Constance – Katie O’Connor
Office Deskmate – Craig Roth
Receptionist – Donna Swensen
Narrator -Connor Quinn

Office Extras:
Kevin King
Winter Dunn
Felicia Garcia
Sarah Kuzmina
Michi Cabrera

Assistant Director – Ryan Lakestream
Production Coordinator – Steve D’Elia
Production Sound Mixer – Henry Myers
Additional Props – Tommy Janulis
Makeup (Office) – Dean Modah
G&E Swing – Oliver Beyer
Production Assistants – Rina Hayat, David Sporn

Post Sound Mixer and Sound Editor – Steve Burgess

Visual Effects – Taylor Kenny

Colorist – Matthew Novak

Skin and Bones
Witten and performed By
The Lions Rampant
Licensed by Musicbed

Witten and performed By
Bonnie Anderson
Licensed by Musicbed

Special Thanks
Dr. Young Bui
Bryan Park Endodontics
Steve Addabbo
Shelter Island Sound
Mary Perrino
Michael Wynne Jr.
Screen Actors Guild
Lois Krinsky
Gay Abel Bey
Steve Garfinkel

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