1. Becoming a Super Stripper is mainly a process of “self-education”. While there are WONDERFUL resources online, it is still ultimately up to YOU to learn and apply your knowledge. There is no test – no real certification – that says “pass” or “fail”. We determine our own success…. and we determine our own failure. Fear of failure AND fear of success can be the biggest obstacles in this business.

2. One is never enough. When using sales methods to close lapdance sales and champagne rooms, one line is never enough. If you find a hot button or one-liner that works for you, don’t just use that one strategy over and over again. Different situations, different people, and different environments call for different strategies. What works at a fast paced, high contact club off the interstate may not work at a more formal big city gown club. Build your Super Stripper Toolbox with a professional sales training course.

3. Learn how to find what you need. Those that are successful at stripping are also REALLY good researchers. Align yourself with the right people at work. If you do this, they will help you find what you need. In school we could simply raise our hand and ask a question, and trust that the teacher would give you the honest and correct answer. In the strip club, you can easily be sent on a wild goose chase (errr…VIP customer chase) if you don’t take proper care of your support staff. Ultimately, you are in charge of your own destiny. Embrace that.

4. People hate “hype” – but… it still causes an emotional response to buy. This one drives me crazy and I see MYSELF doing it too. We all claim we hate hype and flashy sales pitches…but we are drawn to them, aren’t we? Emotional HOT BUTTONS cause sales the majority of the time. If YOU are that “hot button”, you make sales. The secret is not the one liner… the secret is the hot button.

5. Stripping is NOT a Beginners Sport. My apologies to those that may disagree, but I do not think anyone who has danced for less than three years can claim to be a pro. Making big money at the strip club is so much more than booty shaking and pole climbing. I am SO thankful that I took the time to learn how to gain rapport with customers and close a sale before I signed up for pole dancing school. Actually, I started making so much money that I didn’t need to learn how to flip upside down on the pole. I was too busy getting paid for my time sitting and chatting! Good thing for my traps and rhomboids…

6. Failure is a state of mind. In my opinion, the only way you can “fail” at stripping is if you never put any effort into learning how to sell. There is a phrase I love – “Ready! Fire! Aim!” – and it describes me to a tee. Pick one strategy a week to work on then DO IT…and you can tweak it later. But if you never DO anything, you will NEVER make a sale. Stop standing in your own way and take a chance.

7. Shiny Things Dull Your Senses. How many times are you distracted by something “shiny”? You know, a new outfit, a sparkly belt, the latest teal green pigment shade from MAC? Distractions and money pits are everywhere. Learn to protect yourself from them. All these things do is dull your focus on creating a great experience (with your PERSONALITY) for the customer.

8. Stop being your own worst critic. I simply can NOT believe how hard some girls are on themselves! New girls especially, listen up: you are learning something new. It is a whole different world in the strip club AND this new world is constantly changing.Relax and allow yourself to first adjust to the climate…and then allow yourself to learn the language. In my life, I have YET to hear someone say, “I was going to college for a 4-year degree, but I quit because I didn’t get that degree in 6 months!”

Do yourself a favor – 1) Write your expectations of yourself and of stripping on paper 2) Be SURE those expectations are realistic. If those expectations are NOT realistic, change them. Then – be your own best friend… be your biggest fan. Stop condemning yourself for what you DON’T know and for what you HAVEN’T achieved, and start being proud of yourself for each thing you DO learn and you DO achieve.

9. There is only ONE way to stop the frustration of the learning curve. The only way to stop it is to STOP LEARNING….but why on earth would you do that? For all sakes and purposes, I have been pretty successful with the things I’ve done so far. However, I want to continue to grow and try new things. With each new thing comes a new learning curve. It is the reality of being a business owner… it is the reality of being human. Even tho there were some nights I came home crying because I only made a hundred bucks for taking my clothes off, I still am proud that I finally LEARNED and ACCOMPLISHED the task of mastering how to get paid to sit and drink champagne with my clothes ON!

10. Changing your life IS scary. You are taking brave steps to change your life. You aren’t thinking about it, you aren’t complaining about it, you aren’t planning it…. you are DOING it. This is bold, and courageous, and admirable. You could be watching TV right now… or sleeping…or on the phone with a friend complaining about your life, but you’re not. You are a brave and courageous person to be right here, right now. Take a moment to thank yourself for having the guts to even TRY and do this. You deserve that respect and appreciation from YOURSELF.

Be kind to yourself. Keep moving FORWARD. And appreciate each and every learning curve you encounter.

Source by Rebecca Avalon

By mike