Different men are turned on by different things; for many guys, nothing makes their penises as happy as the opportunity to indulge in a foot fetish experience. Whether a dedicated foot eroticist or just someone who enjoys having his excited penis rubbed by a bare foot, it is of course important to practice appropriate penis care during the activity to get the most enjoyment from the experience.


Segen’s Medical Dictionary defines a foot fetish as “paraphilic sexuoeroticism in which feet play a central role in the fetishist’s sexual fixation.” What that means in laymen’s terms is that a person with a foot fetish has an erotic attraction to the feet of another person or persons. That attraction can be extremely broad (any foot has the ability to create erotic reactions in the subject) or extremely narrow (only the foot of a particular person in a particular situation is arousing) or anywhere in between.

While one’s foot fetish tends to express itself along sexual identity lines (meaning that a straight man tends to be fascinated by female feet and a gay man by male feet), it is not always this way. For example, some straight men may find the feet of both men and women arousing, even though their broader sexual interest involves women exclusively.


In practice, a foot fetish is generally indulged in three ways:

– Stimulation of the penis by the foot or feet. Many men find few things as thrilling as the feel of a foot (or feet) touching their penises. The enjoyment may come from the feeling of a single foot rubbing up and down the shaft of the member or from a pair of feet providing double stimulation. Depending upon the man’s preferences, the foot may be bare or adorned with a sock or stocking. In some cases, the man may prefer to lie back or sit or stand still while the feet move around the penis; in other instances, he may prefer for the foot to remain essentially stationary while he moves the penis around it.

– Masturbation while admiring the foot or feet. Some men prefer to express their foot fetish by masturbating while visually or manually admiring the foot. For some, merely looking at the foot or feet while stroking themselves is all that they desire; others may instead prefer to stroke the foot with a free hand, or to kiss it, suck the toes or rub the foot around their faces or chests.

– Combination. Of course, some men may combine the two methods above, perhaps starting out by stroking themselves then proceeding to touch the penis to the foot.


For most men, the foot fetish experience is intended to lead to an orgasm. When the experience includes bringing the foot or feet into contact with the penis, it is advisable to make sure that the partner is comfortable with semen spurting onto his or her feet (especially if this is a new partner). In most instances, the partner expects this and feels pleased at this visible sign of success.


It is important that both the man and the partner practice good hygiene when indulging in foot fetishes. Beyond the usual precautions concerning STIs, it must be noted that the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot can be spread to the penis and, in turn, the fungus that causes jock itch can be spread to the foot.

One other thing to note: Sometimes the soles of the feet can be quite rough, which may provide stimulation to an excited penis, but which may also result in soreness or skin irritation. Employ a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with quality moisturizers (such as the high-end emollient Shea butter and the natural hydrator vitamin E) to address this issue. In addition, bacteria from the feet may contribute to unwanted penis odor; a cream that also includes vitamin A, a potent bacteria fighter, can help to alleviate this problem as well.

Source by John Dugan

By mike