Jennifer Nicole Lee, a professional fitness model, Miss America, Miss Universe, and the author of the Fitness model program, has an amazing weight loss story. She was the mother of 2 kids and weighed over 200 pounds after having her second child. She was struggling with her weight, wearing ugly clothes, and feeling horrible about herself. However, after months of dedication and diet, she not only lost 70 pounds of body fat but also became one of the world sexiest fitness model.

Jennifer Nicole Lee was just another mom who were suffering the same problem most pregnant women have during that time. However, her story of going from a fat lady to a fitness model inspire many people including both men and women to lose weight. If an over weight mom with 2 kids can become a fitness model, I think there’s no better excuse to not losing weight.

Jennifer created her own workout routines and diets during this process. She used her toddler as a weight tool and also as a motivation for her workouts. If you have seen Jennifer Nicole Lee diet program, you will see how inspirational and exciting to workout with her. Jen develop a system where men and women of all ages can add the fun, excitement, and energy to their workout routines. You no longer feel boring and less energetic when working out with Jennifer because of the way she teaches.

If you know Jennifer’s amazing weight loss story, you will find that her fitness model program is more credible and effective than most diet program out there. She has been there, done that, and tested her program on herself and saw a phenomenal results. The great part is she is willing to share it with you and help you achieve the same results as she did. When you watch Jen in the videos, you can actually see that she is actually trying to help you more than just trying to sell her program.

There’s no hype, fads, or fancy diet secrets in Jennifer Nicole Lee diet fitness program, you will receive solid down-to-earth healthy information, inspirational message and effective workouts that she personally used at home. Keep in mind that this program is not for everybody. Be ready to follow her program and work hard, eat right, or else you will be disappointed. I don’t see any reason why anybody can’t do it even if you are extremely lazy, Jen is a very inspirational coach.

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