Some people become an entrepreneur by accident. Others do the research, but either way, they follow money. If your wish is to do entrepreneurial activities for a living then you should research it. The main reason is getting up to speed rapidly so you can start earning the fast, easy, money that entrepreneurs actually earn.

According to the dictionary, an entrepreneur is “A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture” But to read this correctly you must understand that risk and profits are interchangeable. They are the same thing. A successful entrepreneur simply does this…..

They manufacture familiar circumstances from existing found realities and deploy creative effort to make those circumstances yield the typical result which is usually a large or ongoing profit.

So what that means is you find a system or set of circumstances that yield you a profit, then you repeat that process as often as possible. When you are young or simply lacking experience you may not have that initial profitable experience to be able to re-manufacture at present. But that’s OK. There are others who have been before you and made their fortune and now are prepared to put pen to paper so that you can profit from their experience.

This is why at the beginning of this article I suggested that first you should prepare yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge before you begin. Many move from project to project without any particular success and it becomes an addictive habit of hope and deploy. Every project you do will yield large profits if you learn how first then begin to test your knew knowledge in the real world and finally determine for yourself how you will approach things then finally take action.

Entrepreneurs control deals and make money. Its my opinion the closer you are to the deal, the more money you make. Meaning if your interest is in product, you will always get side tracked. For example, you may love fashion and wish to get involved in the world of fashion. But an entrepreneur is a different animal. An entrepreneur makes money through doing deals. If you want to be around the fashion world, then your focus may be a little off target. Entrepreneurs are deal makers, they typically are a “jack of all trades but master of none” because they pay others for the knowledge they need. They don’t need to spend years learning an apprenticeship in products or services. They have no time for that. They want the money. Fast and clean.

The apprenticeship they serve is in deal making.

Martin Thomas (c)2005

Source by Martin Thomas

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