Here are some words that start with the letter Gimmel of the Hebrew Alphabet and also their English translations:

Gan is garden; it’s to lift up life, on the right side of the word Gan you will see the Gimmel, on the left you will see the letter Nun which means life. So what does garden mean? To lift up life! Doesn’t that just makes sense? That’s what gardens do, you put seeds in there, and you water it with the Holy Spirit or the Ruach and up come life in the Garden of Eden which was the garden of life.

Ga ah, it is a Gimmel, an Aleph, and a He. This is the word for pride and go figure what does it mean. To lift up the head of the leader above or revealed, to lift up the head that is revealed. That is what pride is, Pride lifts the head above everyone else. That’s what pride is, Ga ah. How many knew that the word gay was a Hebrew word? It means proud. You’ll never look at that word the same again.

Golgotha is the place that was lifted up when the Messiah gave His life; He was the richest man on earth, was He not? He was the richest man in the universe and He was also the most generous man because He’s connected to Gimmel. Gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew Alphabet which means it is connected to the number three. That is why Golgotha starts with the Gimmel and not any other letter; it is the place of giving and by the way the place of the skull was not a place of rock that look like a skull. It is a place where they counted people for the census.

Gavah means majesty, pride, or to rise up there’s a royal connection to it. Reward or Recompense.

Gamal is a benefactor, one who bestows gifts on people. You see Gimmel is connected to generosity; it’s connected to the one who sits in the camel for one purpose and one purpose only, it’s to bestow and to bring gifts. Who sat on the camel to bring gifts to the most powerful man in the universe? The wise men did!

Do you see the prophetic significance? The camels are connected to the rich men who bring gifts and bestow upon people the sense of being proud. It is all connected to the letter Gimmel.

Source by Jim E. Staley

By mike