Colombia Luxury Gay Tour by Zoom Vacations

Fall in love with Colombia’s beauty. Escape to the land of magical realism. You’ll be transported to a land of gastronomy, art, history, romance, emeralds, and of course, coffee! Our luxury Zoom Gay Vacation delivers an unforgettable experience, rich in culture, spirituality and personality. Begin your journey in Bogotá by delving into the colonial history through the architecture, visiting some of the most famous and reputed museums in the country, and exploring the awe-inspiring Salt Cathedral. Hop on a short flight to the Coffee Triangle and bask in the richness of the lush, vibrant countryside. Lastly, fall endlessly in love with the Cartagena way of life.

Zoom Vacations’ gay group trip to Colombia explores the history, culture, cuisine, and more with sensational guides, while enjoying the finest hotels the country.

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By mike