Bath is situated in south west England and is a popular city with a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and scenery. Bath is probably most famous for its fabulous architecture and stunning scenery and hills. If you are looking for Bath gay bars and Bath gay clubs then we can help you find a good place for a memorable night out.

St James’ Parade is one of the most popular areas in Bath for a night out. The Bath Tap is a good gay bar and has been around for years. It is one of Bath’s most established gay bars and is very popular offering live music, karaoke and drag shows. Other gay bars and clubs include Garrick’s Head which is also a popular place for the gay scene and it’s located right next door to the Bath Theatre Royal on St John’s Place.

Bath’s gay bars and clubs are usually set in beautiful little venues which can lead to a fabulous night out on the town. There are many gay friendly bars and clubs to choose from too such as The Litten Tree which is a gay friendly bar with exquisite design aspects. Most of the bars and clubs are extremely fashionable but if you want a quiet night at a less sophisticated place then Bath can offer that too.

Here at we offer you a large list of the Bath gay bars and Bath gay clubs in order for you to make an informed decision on where to go out in Bath. You can even look at pictures and locations so you can decide with your friends where you like the look of. You can leave comments once you have visited the places and even give it a rating so you can help others like you.

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