The modern fashion world, despite all of its colorfulness and glamor, is plagued by a bunch of copycats. These copycats keep a constant and greedy look on the activities around the fashion world. They tend to copy almost all the aspect of the fashion innovations ranging from the designs of the clothes to their textures.

This copycat trend results into a gross loss and has been giving many jolts to the fashion industry for a long time. Also the copycats are fast enough to fill up the shelves of the showrooms much before the original designs could reach over there. To deal with this problem, the apparel world has come up with a unique formula in form of “architectural textures” inspired by an “architectural approach” to fashion.

The arrival of “architectural approach” in fashion has given a number of new options of fabric textures.The latest architectural fashion design has borrowed a number of elements to make this field more vibrant. The lightweight glasses, membrane structures, pliable metals and flexible plastics are being used comprehensively to make fashion garments sustainable and piracy free.

The modern architectural fashion innovation has got a wide range of architectural textures. The nylon texture is capable enough to change the color when it is put on the body. The plastic texture gives a knitted look and feel. These fabrics are specifically designed to suit any temperature. Even, they can adjust to the wearer’s mood and temperature of the body. The architectural textures are not prone to piracy as they don’t expose their real structures during the shows.

Fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Issey Miyake and architects like Zaha Hadid are combining together to bring this new trend on a fast track. The other pioneers of this new trend are fashion designers like Shinmi Park, Hussein Chalayan, Junya Watanabe, Commes des Gargonetc. They have generated a successful resonance with the architects like Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhas in this field.

Their new approach has built some inspirational inroads leading to a safe fashion industry. Moreover, the future fashion will see some more applications of engineering details and experience some unexplored trends. Hopefully, the latest innovations in the field of fashion may give much comfort to the originators.

Source by Dexter N James

By mike