I am sure you have sen the ads, “lose 20lbs in 10 days with a colon cleanse”. But what does doing a colon cleanse have to do with such a drastic weight loss?

The truth of the matter is that many colon cleanse ads are nothing but hype and a misrepresentation of facts at the expense of unsuspecting weight loss hopefuls.

Don’t get me wrong I am a big proponent of colon and full body cleanses, I mean common sense will tell anyone that if they clean any and everything else, then it must stand to reason that we should give our colon a cleaning out every now and then. But what about weight loss?

Well a colon cleanse will not magically flush out fat from your system as some will have you to believe. A colon cleanse work in two important ways to help you lose weight.

The first thing is that it will in deed remove build up waste matter, and hardened, compacted fecal matter mix with mucus. This highly toxic mix will over time stick to the walls of the lower intestine and could cause your stomach to bulge, giving the appearance of fat.

This build up waste can also prevent valuable nutrients from passing from the colon into the cells of the body, so this lack of nutrition will cause you to constantly feel hungry as your body tries to get more food my forcing you to overeat. So removing the waste will in fact make you lose “weight” but most of this will not be fat. The good thing though is that you will be able to fit better in your clothes and you will see a reduction in your stomach and waist line.

Once the weight has been eliminated from your system you will start to absorb more nutrients and you will not feel hungry all the time so you will eat less. By eating less you will lose even more weight.

The second way you can lose weight through a colon cleanse is by the fact that your body will be much better at removing undigested food from the system. If undigested food is blocked or hindered from passing through your colon, then your body will more than lightly turn it into fa and store it in the body. Getting rid of this stuff on a more “regular” basis will prevent this.

You will also feel more energetic as your metabolism increases with a cleaned system. This will will aid your body in burning fat much more efficiently.

So the bottom line is that a colon cleanse is a must if you want to lose the belly fat and boost your overall weight loss much faster and easier.

Source by Jonathon D Koch

By mike