When visiting Inverness, while it is a great city to visit there are only two gay bars that will be found. Although there are other bars and clubs to visit only Nico’s Bar and Bistro, along with Cactus Jak’s and Bar Pivo.

When visiting Nico’s Bar and Bistro is on Ness Bank and makes a perfect quiet night out for friends in this northern Scotland town. This is where a line of cocktail and local brews will be found, along with appetizers and meals.

There is Bar Pive that is located on Academy Street where live entertainment will make a fun night out and karaoke can be added to the fun at the Inverness gay bar. They have drink specials for patrons and carry the local brews, the staff and atmosphere is welcoming for visitors to the town.

Then there is Cactus Jak’s that can be found on High Street, this bar holds monthly specials on the first Tuesday of the month. Some of the entertainment that will be found at Cactus Jak’s is a dance floor with DJ’s, dancers, party games, live entertainments on weekends and a bucking bronco for added fun. The staff is friendly and so is the atmosphere for the visitor to the bar, with drink specials and local brews.

Inverness is one of the towns in Scotland that has much to offer the visitor to the town during the year when they hold the gay film festival and the Highland Pride Ball, both events that should not be missed if visiting while they are in progress.

Source by Mirna Khoury

By mike