Can you take vitamins for hair growth?

Vitamins have always been good for hair growth. It is not always possible to get all the vitamins you require from you daily diet though. In these cases it is best to take vitamins or supplements to promote growth.

In a lot of cases the lack of vitamins or the incorrect type of vitamins can accelerate your hair loss.

Especially if you take too much of one type.

An example of this is if your on a bad diet which can further hair loss by itself, then it is likely you are not getting the vitamins you need for your hair or for your health.

What are good hair growth vitamins?

Lets have a look in alphabetical order.

Vitamin A which is an antioxidant and is good for the scalp.

If you take an excess of this though it can be both toxic and accelerate your hair loss.

Vitamin B3 helps with circulation in the scalp. This is essential for hair growth.

vitamin B5 This prevents further loss and your hair from going grey.

Vitamin B6 this also prevents loss like vitamin B5 and also gives hair its colour.

Vitamin B12 this prevents loss too, like the rest of the B class vitamins.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant like vitamin A that keeps your hair in good health.

Vitamin E acts in a similar fashion to vitamins A and C as an antioxidant and helps improve the scalp circulation.

Biotin helps prevent greying and loss.

Where can I find all these vitamins?

Reading this list may make you think you cannot possibly get all of these vitamins. This is not actually true.

The secret to getting the right vitamins is amazingly simple.

What is the secret?

Eat a balanced diet. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet you will get all the hair growth vitamins that you need. A bad diet promotes hair loss. It does this because not only are you not getting the vitamins you need for you and your hair, but a bad diet can also lead to poor scalp circulation and other conditions. By changing your diet and including vitamins for rejuvenating hair growth in it you will see the difference. you may not even realise that your diet is not good for you or your hair, so please check what you are eating.

If you want to be absolutely sure though you are getting these vitamins you can find many supplements that will provide them to you.

How long will it take me to see results?

Do not expect to see results in 24 hours, but you will see them.

It may take from a few weeks to a couple of months before there is any noticeable change,depending on you, and your circumstances. Be patient and you will benefit by taking the right hair growth vitamins.

Source by David St Jones

By mike