Indian men’s wear is full of various appealing types of garments, both traditional and modern. Currently, there is a tremendous resurgence of interest in the lost textiles, garments and embroidery styles of Indian culture. There is also a renewed interest in adapting these into designs into contemporary fashion, which would bolster the style preferences of the modern generation. The result is a tremendous amount of unique and thrilling fusion fashion in Indian men’s wear. Interesting western silhouettes are combined with traditional embroidery styles and textiles to create stunning outfits.

The kurta pajama elucidates the way in which the Indian fashion industry is evolving. For Indian men, clothing is a mixture of western and ethnic clothes. Western clothes are reserved for regular and office wear while Indian clothes are reserved for special occasions and formal events. In recent times, this norm has changed to include a lot of cross cultural influences. Kurta pajamas are now widely worn on a daily basis, especially by men of the younger generation. The kurta in particular is an extremely versatile piece of Indian men’s wear and can be worn with ethnic trousers like churidars and pajamas as well as western style jeans and pants. It can be made from a plethora of fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, khadi and rayon. The silk varieties are usually the fancier ones, which are reserved for special occasions like weddings and ceremonies.

There is no dearth of experimentation and innovation in men’s Indian wedding outfits. From the regal sherwanis to the traditional dhoti pants, there is a lot of choice for men when it comes to wedding events. Sherwanis have been worn in India for many years but in recent years, they have become a high fashion, designer staple. High profile designers love experimenting with the classic silhouette and closed neck designs by adding outer wear achkans (long jackets) or using unusual fabrics like khadi silk. The kinds of designs seen also vary nowadays. Hitherto, only traditional booti motifs were prevalent, but today, the same techniques can be used to create elegant, modern motifs. This offers a greater variety when shopping for men’s Indian wedding outfits. Men can wear designs according to their fashion sensibilities and tastes, instead of having to choose between limited traditional patterns. The same is applicable to the classic dhoti, which is now available in several off-beat colors and designs. Men can also find useful inventions like the ready to wear dhoti, which is much easier to wear and manage.

Another popular indo western Indian men’s wear garment is the Nehru jacket. This is essentially a straight fitting, hip-length jacket that comes with a distinctive bandhagala or closed neck. This formal, elegant jacket can be worn on a variety of occasions and looks great with both Indian and western ensembles.

The Indian men’s wear industry is an ever-evolving one and is sure to throw up new, interesting designs with the passage of time.

Source by Hemant Jain

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