Extremely hot summers, chilling winters, crowded roads and high level of pollution; nothing can dampen the festive spirit of Delhiites. People, who call this city home for years, have a grand way of showing off their love through gifts. Diwali, the festival of light and celebrations like Dhanteras related to it, are one of those times when Delhiites shop for the maximum amount of gifts. Not only that, they also expect an appropriate gift in return. So, it takes careful consideration while shopping for Diwali gifts for all those people living in the capital city of India.

In spite of the presence of swanky malls and huge wholesale markets, the Dilliwalas in recent years has shifted their preference to online shopping. It’s been noted that people of Delhi prefer exchanging certain kinds of gifts over others, especially for Diwali. It goes without saying that traditional gifts occupy the top space among the most selected gifts. Before sending Diwali gifts to Delhi, it is always better to take a quick look at what thrills them the most.

Traditional Gifts

The most shopped for traditional Diwali gifts to Delhi include assorted sweets ranging from juicy Gulab jamun, laddoo, khoa sweets and others. Dry fruits are also considered a great gift for this auspicious occasion. Delhiites over centuries have always been known to have a special soft corner for dry fruits including cashew, pistachio, raisins and almonds. Thus, when an assorted box of dry fruits is handed over as Diwali gift, the gesture is always appreciated. Moreover, shopping online for dry fruits give a choice of selecting from greater variety within budget. It also solves the problem of delivery to the recipient’s doorsteps.

Among other traditional Diwali gifts, the most favored are decorative diyas or lamps, idols of gods and goddesses especially Laxmi and Ganesha, crackers and other Diwali essentials.

Modern Gifts

The new generation of Delhiites, have a different kind of gift preference. The shift is more towards apparel, electronics, accessories and personalized gifts. The markets are overloaded with glitzy, fashionable gifts suiting all budgets and these are also easy to choose according to the recipients taste.

For young girls, clothing items or an accessory like a handbag could be the apt choice because Delhiites are also known for their love for ‘latest fashion’. If the gift is for someone elderly, there couldn’t be anything better than a party wear saree or a kitchen gadget.

Men in the city have a particular liking for branded clothes, accessories, and fragrances. That extends the Diwali gift choices to shirts, trousers, belts, wallets, watches, deodorants and also perfumes.

Among the food items included in the most preferred Diwali gift by Delhiites, the top space is certainly occupied by cakes. People of this city are famous for their love for food, especially anything with its share of sugar. Cakes are also preferred because a message can be sent to loved ones and it comes with eggless and sugar-free choices.

Known for their large-heartedness, Delhiites would accept any Diwali gift with open arms, but the gifts listed above are a guide to winning their hearts instantly. More and more choices like gift vouchers are available these days and many people like them as better options as Diwali gifts.


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