Being of the male gender it’s sometimes difficult for us to imagine the horrors a woman endures when sexually attacked. Let’s call a spade a spade, what man wouldn’t like to be sexually ravaged by a beautiful woman, stranger or not.

Unless you’re lying, gay are of unusually super high moral character, you’ll most likely have to admit to the fantasy. I’ll opt out by claiming the 5th Amendment. I’m not degrading men, some may understand the situation, but I don’t know how they can.

To fully understand the devastating mental, physical and emotional effects women face, it may help to envision yourself be raped by another man. If you’re similar to me that not only invokes feelings of disgust, but the immediate urge to kill the perpetrator. Now maybe we, as men, can begin to feel what a woman feels.

The advantage of being male offers us the opportunity to give women an insight as to how to ward off an attacker by the use of minimal force. Listen up ladies, a man’s testicles, balls, family jewels or what ever term you wish to use, is the most vulnerable part of a man’s body.

A man can withstand a gouging in the eyes, a blow to the head or a kick to the shins, but just tap him in testicles and his eyes begin to pop out. He can’t help it, for some reason God made him that way. So God gave you an excellent source of attack, let’s look at three ways to perform it.

The first method is a direct kick to the groin with your foot. This method offers pros and cons. A well connected kick will certainly disable the attacker. The leg delivers the most power of any part of the body, arms, hands or whatever, a small framed woman can muster up a tremendous amount of power through her legs and she doesn’t have to be an athlete to do it. There’s also the benefit of keeping the attacker as far away from you as possible, the leg being longer than the arm, but the leg is also vulnerable to being blocked or worse yet, grabbed hold of. Once an attacker has hold of your leg there’s no way you can maintain your balance and once on the ground you’re in trouble.

The second method, which some may argue is more dangerous because you’re closer to the attacker, is to bring your knee up into the groin as hard as possible. Don’t just stop at one knee kick, it may not have hit him squarely in the testicles, continue to knee him until he let’s go of you. One or more strikes with the knee to the groin will achieve your desired results.

The third method could be considered an “All or Nothing” approach. If the attacker has surprised or over powered you and is holding you close to his body, denying any attempt to kick or knee him, reach down and grab his groin. Once you feel you have hold of something more than just clothes, testicles or penis, squeeze them with all the power you can muster. Shake and rip at them like a dog tearing up a rag doll. This is not the time to show mercy.

When performing any of these attackers remember, the effects of the attack although extremely painful and will disable the person, it’s only temporary. Once you have fought your opponent off, run. Run as fast as the can to a public area. People are your safety as rapists are cowards and will not give chase.

Source by Jim Bain

By mike