Bellini is an Italian company that has been making cribs for over 25 years. A Bellini crib is considered to be of excellent quality with subtle, slightly modern styling. Its flagship Isabella crib is representative of this European background in design and craftsmanship.

Some products just seem to catch on as ‘designer desirables’ with the rich and famous – as well as ordinary folk – clamoring to buy. Bellini cribs seem to be one such, must-have designer item. Like a lot of fashionable products it’s expensive. And, they do possess a certain understated styling that is highly desirable. Celebrities like Miranda Hobbs (Sex and the City) have bought one and a Bellini nursery makeover was featured in the Diane Keaton blockbuster movie, “Baby Boom”.

But there’s more to a Bellini crib than style. All Bellini cribs come with JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) safety certification – whatever brand you do buy you should make sure it has this certification. This guarantees that they will meet a minimum set of safety requirements. But you also get additional safety features, like a drop side release that can be used with one hand; it is a safe two-step mechanism to prevent accidental release. They are made from solid beech wood and are well made, sturdy pieces of furniture.

Here’s a quick summary of models on offer.

Isabella Crib – Bellini’s signature crib that is simple in design, with gently rounded headboard and footboard. The slats are simple and unadorned and feature on all four sides. It comes with a storage drawer and four castors, which can be removed; two casters can be locked. It comes in three finishes; white, coffee and natural.

Annie crib – has a subtle echo of a sleigh crib but with a more open and airy slat design. A very beautiful feature is the bowed, solid wood slats on them. There are four finishes available; white, antique white, coffee and natural.

Vanessa crib – this looks more like a traditional sleigh bed than does the Annie. Its styling is that of a substantial, solid wood headboard and footboard, both of which are slightly curved and feature inlaid molding. Finished in either: antique white, white, coffee or mahogany.

Ruby crib – is for those who want that old-world charm look in the nursery. The headboard and footboard are arched and adorned with a wooden scroll applique. The bottom of the crib features graceful curves. A very feminine piece. It is finished in; antique white, mahogany or coffee.

Danny crib – another creation evoking times of old. This is for those who want a crib with a bonnet. They feature delicate wood carving and the spindles are fully-turned. There are five available finishes; white, antique white, mahogany, coffee and natural.

Alexander crib/bed – can be converted from a crib all the way to a full size bed. You get one drop-down side rail, with the other forming the headboard when used as a bed. Like the Isabella, you get four removable castors. It comes in four finishes; mahogany, white, coffee and natural.

Bella crib-bed – like the Alexander it can be converted to a full size bed. It features a graceful bonnet shape with wood carving detail. The posts are spindled. There are no castors with this model. You have a choice of four finishes; white, antique white, coffee and mahogany.

A Bellini crib is of heirloom quality. They may not be perfect – many would argue that all but two of the models are crib only and can’t be converted to full beds whereas, for half the price, you can buy another brand that does convert and is of equal quality. And, there is a lot of hype surrounding Bellini. Celebrity and TV endorsements shouldn’t really sway us in what we buy, but they do.

But, even without the hype and despite the comparative high cost of a Bellini, there’s no getting away from the fact that Bellini cribs are quality pieces of infant furniture.

Source by Robin Cassidy

By mike